About Bar-ore Company

Bar-ore Company

Bar-Ore was founded in 1998 by Noki (Natan) Lavie, holding a B.A. in Physics ‎from Tel-Aviv University (1982). Prior to 1998, Mr. Lavie was involved in ‎technological development in various fields.‎

Our Vision

Bar-Ore has set itself the goal of creating integrated solutions tailored specifically to the organizational and private sectors, by saving costs, improving efficiency and ease of use.

Our History

Bar-Ore started off as a systems house for unique solutions in the computer and ‎telephone (line and cellular) communications environment. Over the last few years, ‎we have focused on cellular based technological solutions for municipalities and ‎organizations, and stand-alone lighting astronomic timers for energy savings.
Today we are developing smart IOT systems for several types of organizations. ‎
Our capabilities include electro-optics, communications, electronics and software.‎

Our Customers

Among Bar-Ore’s main customers are municipalities, regional councils, and large ‎organizations such as Magen David Adom of Israel (Israel emergency medical ‎service), Israel Police etc.. We have recently begun exporting our products abroad.‎

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