Brings Shabbat in automatically

The Shabbatomat switches any system to Shabbat/ Holiday mode and back according to the shabbat/ Holiday times for 15 years without further intervention.

The Shabbatomat includes a very accurate clock, a calendar of Jewish holidays and an astronomical computer for sunset hours and shabbat/ Holiday times.

The Shabbatomat is used by large and small organizations and condominiums for elevators, hot platters, hot water urn, Shabbat units and other systems designed for different functions on Shabbat / holiday and Weekdays.

 It is also used in synagogues and in private homes to switch Sabbath timers to Shabbat mode and back without the need for human intervention before Shabbat and on Saturday night.

Shabbatomt’s Advantages

  • Extremely Accurate – maximum deviation of one minute per year within the temperature range of 0-40°C/ 32-104°F.
  • Meaning that for approximately 15 years from ‎installation, no readjustment is required!
  • Calendar – Contains a calendar of Shabbat and Jewish holidays for 20 years.
  • Calibration – Comes pre-calibrated to the required location and times of Shabbat/holiday according to the various halachahs.
  • Easy installation – on a DIN rail or by 2 screws. the installation requires connecting only four ‎wires.
  • Dimensions – 4.25X2.95X2.75 in  |  108X75X70 mm
  • Input Power – 230 VAC or 120VAC
  • Standard- CE certified. Meets Israel Standard.

The Shabbatomat is a unique product that meets international standards, with the approval of:

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