B120- Astronomical Timer

B120 - Astronomical Timer

B120 - Astronomical Timer

Extremely accurate  astronomical timer for energy saving in outdoor lighting, without maintenance costs.

The B120 serves large organizations, mainly local and regional authorities, and constitutes a solution for timing outdoor lighting according to sunrise and sunset hours in the most economical and efficient manner.


B120 Advantages

  • Extremely Accurate – maximum deviation of one minute per year (within  0-40 °C/ 32-107°F). For approximately 15 years from ‎installation, no readjustment is required!
  • Adjustments- B120 is supplied adjusted to the geographic location and to the offset times relative to sunset and sunrise according to customer requirements. No additional adjustment is required on site.
  • Power outage- B120 includes a clock battery back up for 10 years without power.
  • Compact – Very narrow- only a little wider than a standard circuit breaker.‎
  • Easy installation- installed on a standard DIN rail – the installation requires connecting only four ‎wires.
  • Safe – meets the Israeli standard and CE approved.


  • Turn-off and turn-on at set times at night for additional saving.
  • Dual-channel model (“Evening / Night”)

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