Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers


An astronomical timer is a general term for instrumentation that indicates time ‎signals related to the celestial bodies. Such clocks, which are very much used, ‎are those that indicate the sun’s setting and rising times, and used for ‎determining the times for switching exterior lighting on and off, mainly in urban ‎and inter-urban traffic routes. The B120 is an astronomical timer designed for ‎timing outdoor lighting.‎

A light sensor can be damaged by exterior events (such as, for example, bird ‎stools or ‘Graffiti’ spray paint), that will cause the lighting to switch on for a longer ‎period of time, which wastes electricity and energy. The B120 does not require ‎connection with exterior light and therefore is not affected at all by any exterior ‎phenomenon.‎

With a Shabbat timer, changing the switching on and off times is necessary, ‎according to the sunrise and sunset, every time. With a B120, no readjustment is ‎necessary. This advantage saves the time and cost of an electrician’s work and ‎in addition, saves electricity since it switches on and off every day according to ‎the sunrise and sunset.‎

What is the accuracy percentage of the device and which conditions does it ‎withstand?‎
The B120 accuracy is 1 minute per year at 0-40 degrees Celsius, and 1.7 ‎minutes per year at -40 to 85 degrees Celsius.‎

הדיוק של השכווי הוא 1 דקה לשנה בתנאי 0-40 מעלות, ו – 1.7 דקות לשנה ‏בתנאי -40 עד 85 מעלות.‏
  1. The B120 is more accurate than its competitors.‎
  2. ‎The B120 is smaller and takes up less space in the electric cupboard panel.‎
  3. ‎In order to arrange the deviation times, the B120 has a miniature terminal with ‎a large screen and several buttons. This feature prevents unwanted persons ‎from operating changes on the B120. Additionally although the B120 has small ‎dimensions, the Terminal a large screen, which is convenient to view, and easy ‎buttons for making changes.‎


Brings Shabbat in automatically

The Shabbatomat switches any system to Shabbat/ Holiday mode and back according to the shabbat/ Holiday times for 15 years without further intervention.

השבתומט מיועד לכל מכשיר שקשור לשעון שבת וחג כמו: מעליות שבת, תאורה, מיחם, פלטה חשמלית, משאבות מים, גנרטורים, דודי חימום מים בגז או חשמל וכיו”ב.

השבתומט נכנס לפעולה באופן אוטומטי וחוסך את התלות והצורך להפעילו ידנית. פעולה שכרוכה בבזבוז זמן והכרח להמצא בקירבת השעון.


The system is installed in more than 300 sites in Israel, including private houses ‎and apartment buildings, regional councils, cooperative settlements, kibbutz ‎settlements, and private organizations, among them MDA (where approx. 35 ‎units are installed).‎