wittyGate – Cellular Gate Opener

wittyGate - Cellular Gate opener

wittyGate – Opens electric gates by phone call. A solution for organizations and communities.

wittyGate allows opening electric gates by a simple toll-free call, ‎allowing access to authorized subscribers only by caller ID.

wittyGate is used for opening all the types of electric gates, including settlement gates, condominium parking, companies and private houses.

This is the best and most economical solution for smart access control.


wittyGate Advantages

Using pre-paid SIM card.  (no monthly expenses)

Subscribers can be added and removed freely.  

Up to 12,000 subscribers.

Significant savings: no need to purchase remotes and batteries.

No ongoing maintenance.

Quick and easy installation.

Independent management by SMS or by data link from authorized cellular modem linked to a computer.

Matching the subscriber list to an excel file.

Highly reliable and secured device.

To open the gate, the subscriber calls the SIM number of the wittyGate system. If the caller’s number is on the subscriber list, the gate opens and the toll-free call is disconnected.

Available Additions

  1. Online management service (for a symbolic payment).
  2. Eliminates the need to install a modem in the customer’s computer.
  3. Setting an “open gate” or “blocked from opening” mode by a remote command..
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